Employees working together as one to build camaraderie and better work results.

5 Misconceptions About Tech Sales and Why You Should Ignore Them

There is always a place for everyone in tech sales no matter what your line of expertise is. We made a list of the top myths that hinder individuals to pursue a career in tech sales.

Oct 10, 2022
3 min read
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Graph describing the amount of sales for the past month.

Tips to Convert Leads into Customers in Tech

The quantity of leads doesn't always guarantee sales. Take time to study the ever-changing buying behaviors of your leads and find out which strategies best work for your company.

Oct 3, 2022
3 min read
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Virtual trainings done at home from Tech Sales Bootcamp that will help jump start your career on tech sales.

Sales Cohort: A good investment?

The Tech Sales Industry is growing fast and opening up more opportunities for people who want to start a sales career, particularly in tech. With the available resources online, paid or not, will help you set your foot in breaking into a new career.

Sep 24, 2022
3 min read
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Prepping for an interviews gives you a 100% chance of landing the job.

5 Tips On How To Ace An Sales Development Representative Interview

We have all been in that situation where we get interviewed for our dream job. Being prepared, showing confidence, and having a presence of mind will help along the way. Follow these simple best practices to help you land your dream job.

Sep 17, 2022
4 min read
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Utilize all necessary resources available to help yourself break into tech sales.

Ready to pivot into a sales-focused role for the future?

Tech sales can be highly lucrative, and opportunities are just endless! Take time to see if this industry is for you and look for different resources to educate yourself on how to be an effective and efficient Tech Sales Rep.

Sep 10, 2022
3 min read
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How employees and employers benefit from remote work.

Remote Work and the New Normal

Since the Pandemic happened, more and more companies are opting for a more flexible working arrangement that can allow their employees to work from home or anywhere outside of the office.

Aug 30, 2022
2 min read
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