Sales Cohort: A good investment?

You’re probably here because you’ve heard the good things about tech sales boot camps. Like how they can propel you into the tech sales industry with zero experience and qualifications in just a matter of weeks or months, with the prospect of a higher starting salary than the average entry-level job.

You’re probably also here because you’ve heard the bad. Like bootcamps out there that have not lived up to their promises. And when you consider how expensive some bootcamps are, it can seem like a massive waste of money.

But not all tech sales bootcamps were made equal. They come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags. So, let’s take a closer look at what a good bootcamp has to offer and why we think they are “worth it.”

A curriculum designed and taught by experienced, reputable tech sales professionals.

A good tech sales bootcamp will have a curriculum developed and taught by experienced, respected tech sales professionals. This opportunity will give you invaluable first-hand insight into the demands of the role and the pragmatic skills you need to succeed. However, it’s essential not to overlook the method by which the course is delivered. 

Since the pandemic, more and more bootcamps have shifted online. It isn’t necessarily a problem considering a significant amount of B2B sales is made over the phone or via Zoom or email. But to get the most out of your investment, look for bootcamps that offer synchronous or semi-synchronous learning (aka courses with live instruction), rather than asynchronous, self-paced courses. Even better, look for ones that also provide one-on-one mentorships to guide and support you throughout and beyond the learning experience.

Learn with a cohort of like-minded people.

In addition, to live instruction, bootcamps that are taught in cohorts provide numerous advantages.

The most obvious one is the opportunity to start building relationships with others joining the industry. In addition to the value of building a network, these relationships could also help with motivation levels throughout the course and increase the likelihood of you completing it. Statistics reveal cohort-based courses see completion rates up to 87% higher than self-paced ones.

More significant, however, are the benefits of applied learning. Cohort-based bootcamps use interactive, collaborative teaching methodologies, which studies have shown improve your understanding and knowledge retention by 41%.

Partnerships with tech companies to help you get your foot in the door.

Studies have also found that one thing high-performing people share in common is the tendency to have strong networks, laterally as well as up and down the hierarchical ladder. But when you’re trying to break into tech sales, it’s likely you haven’t yet established a network within the industry.

This is where a bootcamp program’s partnerships can be helpful. In essence, these partnerships can benefit you the same way a strong network can: they can help you get that foot in the door. 

Additionally, completing a bootcamp can help fill any gaps in your resume. It tells partner companies you have been trained on the essential skills they need from you and, more importantly, are ready to start contributing to the company as soon as you join the team.

There are often no prerequisites to get into tech sales, and many such pathways to a career in the industry. But it is a very competitive and demanding field; to break into it, you must show employers you have a specific skill set. 

So, is a tech sales bootcamp worth it? 

The short answer is : YES!

Provided the course is designed to maximize your learning outcomes and equip you with the right skills, resources, and connections you need to succeed in the industry.

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