Remote Work and the New Normal: How to Take Advantage

Maybe you've already come across the term new normal, which is what life is like after the pandemic and has changed how we pretty much interact with everything. 

Remote work means employees can choose when to start doing their job, guided by the company's policies. It has been a massive boost to proponents of remote working or hybrid working, and employees and employers have benefited from fully effective remote working options. 

How employers benefit from a remote work situation

We may think employers tend not to like having people away from the office. It may seem unproductive or maybe even unprofessional, but if anything, it has seen an enormous boost in productivity and company morale. Even traditional companies, where possible, such as banks and law firms, embraced a remote working lifestyle. Likewise, IT tech companies primarily work entirely remotely, which also helps these start-up companies or SaaS companies have a global reach much sooner. 

It also helps the company's bottom line by reducing the need for high-cost office space in expensive cities. At the same time, it allows for companies to hire from a much larger pool of qualified candidates as there are no geographical restrictions in the recruitment. 

How employees benefit from these types of positions

Reducing that commute for many is enough of a benefit when it comes to remote work. No longer is there a need to be stuck in traffic or to handle poor weather conditions to head into the office.

It also allows for more productive hours that can either lead to achieving targets faster or, at the least, offering a more flexible work schedule. This enables employees who can handle errands as needed during the day without the need to schedule so far in advance or feel as if they're going to fall behind on their work. 

It is also true regarding sales representatives, especially for those that work with SaaS companies, as the tool is meant to be a virtual and digital tool, replacing the need for office work in many cases. Having sales teams working remotely, while possibly using the device themselves, only helps to sell it to potential business customers more, as it's a way to see the tools in action. 

The role of a Sales Development Representative is something that can be done remotely and helps to allow people to enter the world of sales without having to relocate too far from their hometown. Even obtaining the necessary skills for success in the role can happen online, showcasing the power of telecommunication tools and understanding how to close the sale in this primarily digital world we live in now.

How Sales Dojo helps

We focus on getting people from all walks of life to consider a position in said Sales Development Representative role and to provide them with the skills to be successful in their remote-only sales position from day one. With more software companies looking for that more significant reach fast, it's the perfect sync-up of the demand for modernized sales staff with the abundance of positions our hiring partners have been sharing.

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